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Forms moulds for concrete products, fences, tiles, fences, pillars

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Welcome to the website of "ABS Form"!
At our site you will find everything necessary for the production of building materials. On the Ukrainian market, we are working since 2003, and today our products are popular not only in Ukraine but also in Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Libya, Iraq, Syria, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and others.
The range of our products is growing and therefore selection of products on our website. Todays most popular products on the site are: concrete and beton mixers, molds for tiles, paving forms, forms for fences, mortar mixers
Forms for tiles
Along with mixers on the market demand for the form of tiles. On our site you will find the forms for various types of tiles. Forms for the tiles from the simple to the more skilled, suitable for any architectural solution. Forms for tiles from «ABS Form» reliable to use and versatile in performance. Paving forms allow any site to send and track. With a variety of shapes and designs, forms of paving slabs can dramatically change the appearance of sites.
Forms for fences
The range of forms for the fences, on the site, is constantly expanding. Forms for the fences are made out of ABS plastic thickness of 2.2 mm and 1.0 mm PVC plastic. Moulds fences have high strength and flexibility by using ABS plastic. Strong and flexible forms for fences allow stripping products without the use of lubricants.
Mortar mixer
Mortar mixer is an indispensable tool for the maintenance and construction of small scale. Mortar mixer is used for mixing of solutions, however, do not contain only gravel and crushed stone. Mortar is easy to operate, and will be clear to each user.
Concrete mixer
Concrete mixers are most in demand, it is not surprising, because the concrete mixer - this is the most indispensable tool for stirring concrete and beton. Concrete mixers handle any amount of work given to them and of course perform batch solutions quickly and efficiently.
«ABS Form» offers concrete mixer drums with different volumes, so you can easily find us exactly the concrete mixer, which is like just for your purposes. For example, when large quantities of construction are selected Concrete mixers to 300 liters. On the other hand, if your goal - is the construction of a small building in a single / couple of floors, the concrete mixer to 100-200 liters, it will satisfy all needs.
Beton mixers
Beton mixers are used for the preparation not only of concrete mixes and mortar but also concrete mixers are used for mixing plastic mixtures, reaching for the manufacture of paving slabs, curbs, small architectural products.
Mortar mixers are characterized by perfect mixing of refractory, injection and remedial mixtures in a short period of time. Concrete mixers are designed in such a way that their use has been as comfortable as possible. Concrete mixers can be used both indoors and outdoors. The operation of mixers require a minimum of maintenance. And for safety reasons, mixers automatically cease to exist when you open the outer cover.
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